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Raven Paranormal Events, LLC
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Hstorical Investigations

We specialize in smaller less known locations. We investigate locations including but not limited to historical locations, museums, jails, businesses, hospitals, etc. Our mission is to help promote and preserve the history of these locations.

Public Investigations

“Never Be the Spectator, Always Be The Investigator”

We provide a "Unique Paranormal Experience". 

We will not waste your time with gimmicks, playing games or a bunch of foolish nonsense.  There will NOT be any "so-called" special guest celebrities doing meet & greets, photo ops, autographs, etc. and basically doing the investigation for you while you watch.  That is what paranormal conventions are for so you can meet those celebrities.  

Your are the "Special Guests"!


You will conduct authentic paranormal investigations which include researching, investigating, documenting & debunking. All investigations are kept small (NEVER overcrowding).  You will NOT be herded around like cattle from room to room watching as someone else investigates.   Large crowds are for tour companies, and we are NOT a tour company. We will provide you with equipment to use if you don't have your own.  If you are new, we will assist you and answer any questions that you have.  We will all be researching and investigating.

We are a Research & Investigation Company.

Private Home Investigations

We offer private home investigations upon request.  After careful consideration and review of the request we will be more than happy to investigate your location. We will begin doing research on your home and land to determine possible connections to the haunting.  As a team will investigate using various forms of equipment in order to document what type of activity is taking place in your home.  After we have determine who or what is causing the activity, upon your request we will perform a cleansing of the location. 

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